Audien Atom2 Squares off Against MDHearing Neo





Proprietary Atom Sound™ Technology

Size: Tiny

Noise Cancellation

Sound Quality

COST: nearly30% of respondents said the biggest challenge with their hearing aids was thehigh cost. With price being such a concern for many potential hearing aidscustomers (especially older adults on a fixed income), we wanted to review acompany like Audien that produces some of the most affordable hearing aids onthe market.  ''Over 100 hearing aids from $139/month"    HUH???

Are Cheap Hearing Aids Worth Buying?

A budget-friendly price tag on a hearing aid doesn’t necessarily make it an inferior hearing health device. Typically, affordable hearing aidsfeature more basic technology levels and fewer additional and advancedfeatures than more expensive models. Many cheaper hearing aids are alsodesigned for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, as their degree of hearing loss can be simpler to treat.

Battery Life: Incontrast, the MDHearing NEO offers a full day of battery life,approximately 17 hours. While this duration is sufficient for daily use,it falls slightly short of the extended battery life provided by theAudien models.

Rated the “best hearing aids of 2023” by Forbes