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Safely Eliminate Fire... FAST!

Toss It Over The Fire. It's That Easy!

Rapidly Extinguish Small Fires, No Mess - Introducing This Easy-to-Use Fire Blanket!

  • Lightweight & Versatile: Effectively suppresses liquid or grease fires and works on different types of fires. Also functions as a thermal or heat shield.

  • Essential Kitchen & Outdoor Gear: A must-have for your kitchen, backyard, and vehicle survival kit, providing reliable protection.

  • No Mess Solution: Made from 100% quality flame retardant material. Composed of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.

  • Lightweight & Versatile: Effectively suppresses liquid or grease fires and works on different types of fires. Also functions as a thermal or heat shield.

It's So Simple!

Even children and elderly can use it.


Just pull the tabs to release the Emergency Fire Blanket from it's case.


Toss it over the fire and watch it quickly suffocate.


Heavy, toxic mess is a thing of the past. Save your kitchen, and your time.

Why Do Fire Fighters Love Them?

  • Alarming Fact: 48% of all home fires start in the kitchen.

    Most start from simple oil based cooking. A few tablespoons of oil at the wrong temperature and disaster can happen in the blink of an eye. They are more common than people think, yet it can happen to anyone.

    Keeping the Prepared Hero Fire Blanket in your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you can make for you and your family. Just pull the straps to release the fire blanket, cover it over the fire and it's quickly suffocated before getting out of control.

    It's so incredibly simple to use, and for good reason. Even children or elderly can handle it. No more heavy, messy and complicated fire extinguishers.

    Keeping at least one in the house per person is vital. It's a one time purchase that can save lives and thousands in damages.

310,000+ Customers Prefer Prepared Hero

Prepared Hero has over 310,000 happy customers with an average review of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Many Fire Departments and Fire Fighters approve of Prepared Hero Fire Blankets. See what some people are saying:

"DO NOT SKIP THESE! It quite literally saved our home from going up in flames! My son was frying bacon and let it get too hot, the grease burst into a fire so quickly. I'm glad I taught him how to use the fire blanket, he was able to put it out before it got out of control! Every home needs this."

"I wish every family had one of these in their home. It would save so many lives."

What Customers Are Saying...

This is serious!

Reviewed in the US on July 28, 2023

Verified Purchase

I recently checked the gauges on my old fire extinguishers. Some, I couldn't even pickup because of the weight. I'm 72 years and needed a proactive way to prepare for a fire, God forbid. This ad for the cloth method of putting out any type of fire caught my eye. Perfect for any home to be prepared and it can be use at any age. I purchased mine and even purchased extras for my cooking areas and even have one in my car. Best part? This is a perfect housewarming gift! Perfect!

Safety Item

Reviewed in the US on Aug 18, 2023

Verified Purchase

After seeing the video of how these worked, I thought it would be a great gift to give to my adult kids to have in their own homes. You never know when something like a fire in the kitchen, etc. can happen so why not have these handy for that "Just in Case" time. Hopefully, nobody will ever have to experience a home fire but I thought why not have something like this?? If it works then Great! My oldest son and daughter in law have little kids and this is something they can keep in their kitchen in case of an emergency. I also gave one to my daughter and her husband for their new home along with one to my youngest son and his girlfriend for their apartments! For such a good price I like to feel that it will give them a bit of protection if ever needed.

Perfect Gift!

Reviewed in the US on Nov 1, 2023

Verified Purchase

I bought these to give out as gifts. I kept one for myself and gave the rest to friends and family. Something, I hope they never have to use. But, will come in handy if you ever do need to use it. Note: The Quality of the Product is Much Better than Expected. It makes the perfect gift! I am Happy with my Purchase. Better to be Prepared, you just never know.

We Got Your Back!

Buy with complete confidence! If you change your mind or just don't want it, no hard feelings! 

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Have a Question? We Can Help!

Q: Where does it ship from? How long does delivery take?

North America (US/CA): Domestic orders will be shipped via USPS from our USA warehouses. A tracking number will be issued to your email. Typical delivery takes 2-4 business days.

Q: Can I use it on any type of fire?

The Emergency Fire Blanket can successfully put out any source of fire that is smaller than the blanket itself. This includes electric fires, grease fires and more.

Q: Where should I store my fire blanket? Can I hang it?

The best place to store your Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero is in high danger areas. This could be in your kitchen or heavily trafficked areas of the home, garage, vehicle, RV or camper. We recommend hanging them in cabinets so that it's ready for use in an instant.

Q: Can I reuse the emergency fire blanket?

Yes! So long as the fire blanket isn't damaged, it can be reused. There can't be any holes or damaged materials. If it's just soot then it can be wiped off and reused.

Q: Is there an expiration date?

There is no expiration date. The Emergency Fire Blanket never requires costly maintenance or recharging. As long as the blanket is in good condition, it will not expire.

Q: Are they approved in America?

Yes, they are commonly recommended by fire departments and emergency services. This product is CE HS&E certified and meets EN-1869:1997 standards.

Q: Are there PFOA's in this?

The Emergency Fire Blanket is woven out of fiberglass and does not contain any PFOA's.

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