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California AG Office Demands Nonprofit Supporters' Names and Addresses.

How A California Mandate Could Violate Your First Amendment Rights

The California Attorney General’s Office is demanding that all nonprofits who fundraise in the state, including TMLC, turn over their supporters’ names and addresses every year.

If the AG’s office—intentionally or accidentally—let this information leak, any number of people could get their hands on the names and addresses of individuals across the nation who have supported a cause, and dox them. Today, when someone’s deeply held beliefs are exposed, this could easily motivate others to harass or attack them.

The government has no business forcing charities to hand over sensitive information it doesn’t need. In today’s culture, where political hostility drives a large portion of the country to self-censor for fear of blacklisting or worse, such policies can invite others to expose and punish their political opponents for their beliefs.