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Hate Spilling Stuff In Your Car? This 2-In-1 Cup Holder Expander Is Just What You Need

Tired of not being able to eat or drink in your car without making a mess? I tried this “revolutionary” device that claims it can fix that… and it did!

 I don’t know about you, but I hated my car’s cup holder.

First off, it’s too small to hold my favorite drinks and food. I tend to go for the extra-large option (it’s the economical choice!), and I never leave home without my hydro flask… which are both WAY too big to fit my cup holder (or any I’ve ever seen).

Second, it’s surprisingly slippery for something that’s supposed to be designed for the road. Even when I do manage to squeeze something in there, it’s only a matter of time before a little bump in the road sends it flying!

As such, I can’t trust my cup holder – so I usually balance my food and drinks on my passenger seat… or the dashboard… or between my legs. The cup holder is for my phone and wallet – which still wiggle out constantly.

Do I spill stuff all the time? Yes.

Is it messy and stressful (and even potentially dangerous)? Yup. Totally.

Do I wish there were a better way? Absolutely.

Do I have any clue what that might be? Until a few weeks ago, heck no!

But let me tell you: I love my job. Because recently, I was asked to review a new invention called CupStation – which claims to put an end to messy spills (while still keeping your favorite drinks and food within arm’s reach).

They say it can secure pretty much anything you’d want to have within reach while driving… from large cups to fast food, your smartphone, and anything else you can think of.

It sounded great (and has thousands of 5-star reviews) – but I still had a ton of questions about how it works, so I gave it a shot myself. Here’s what happened…

First Off: What Is CupStation?

Simply put, CupStation is a 2-in-1 “cup holder expander”.

The way it works is simple – it fits snugly inside any regular car cup holder and expands to hold pretty much anything you need it to hold. (It was created with cups in mind, but as you’ll soon find out, it can hold a LOT more.)

It also gives you two cup holders instead of one, since it simply adds an extra cup holder (you can still use the original holder).

That means it doesn’t just help you keep extra-large items in place… it also helps you secure MORE things in your car!

CupStation easily can hold everything from large coffees to super-sized cold drinks (and even your lunch) because its “arms” expand up to 6 inches wide – and feature powerful grips that hold on tight and don’t let go.

Even better, it’s not a replacement – it’s an extension. That means you don’t have to install anything. It simply transforms your current crappy cup holder into a multi-armed, super-gripping 2-in-1 cup holding hero. Cool, huh?

This means you’ll never have to lay your drinks, food, phone, keys, or anything else on the passenger seat, the floor, or your lap — so you can drive stress-free, knowing everything is safe, secure, and within reach.


It all sounds great, right? But naturally, what I REALLY wanted to know was: does this thing actually make life behind the wheel so much easier (and less chaotic)?!

I Put CupStation To The Test – Here’s What I Found

I wanted to see if CupStation would really secure large items and prevent spills like it claims… so as soon as mine arrived, I popped it into my cup holder and went for a spin.

The first test: How easy is CupStation to install?

Let’s face it – nobody’s going to want this thing if it takes a mechanic to install, or requires serious changes to your car’s interior.

Thankfully, CupStation couldn’t be easier to “install”. You literally just place it into your current cup holder and the foam spacers create a tight grip. Voila! You now have a super cup holder!

Oh, side note: It works on all types of cup holders, not just cars. (I’ve tested it on my buddy’s boat and it held on tight – even through choppy water!)

The second test: What can CupStation hold?

As soon as I had it in place, I went to pick up a burger and fries – with an extra-large soda, of course.

At first, I wasn’t sure where to put everything… so I started playing with the adjustable arms on the top cup holder (the one that expands).

Since each of the arms are individually adjustable, I was able to easily secure a large, awkward box of fries there… allowing me to safely and securely munch on the go. Amazing!

Next, I secured the extra-large drink in the bottom cup holder, which fit perfectly thanks to the wide extra space at the top.

Finally, I put my burger on the passenger seat – and when I finished my fries, I moved the burger to the top “cup” holder and continued chowing.

(It’s weird to call the top part a “cup” holder… it’s really an “anything” holder.)

The third test: How secure are my things?

At this point, I was already pleasantly surprised by CupStation. Their main claim was clearly true: not only is CupHolder a pro at holding large cups, it can actually hold pretty much anything.

However, I hadn’t tested the security of these objects. So I strapped on my helmet, borrowed a Ferrari, and hit the nearby racetrack…

Just kidding. I actually found an even more genius way to test it: Offroading in my buddy’s Jeep

Yup, that’s right – CupStation can even endure the bumps and jolts of rough terrain.

So we snapped my CupStation into the cup holder and hit the trail. Before you know it, we were cruizing down the trail … and BAM!!!!

We actually hit a large rock a little too hard, jolting the entire Jeep back and forth. And guess what? CupStation held on tight – much tighter than I did, I can say that for sure!

I’ll be honest, I think a fast-food cup would have spilled at least a few drops… but thankfully, I was testing my hydro flask (large metal water bottle) this time. The flask didn’t budge. Test passed – CupStation grips like a friggin’ crab! (That’s the strongest grip in the world, by the way.)

No Doubt – I Confidently Give CupStation 5 Stars. And There Are Plenty More Reasons Why!

So, yeah… the CupStation has turned out to be even better than I expected. Since getting one, I’ve found all sorts of uses behind large cups and awkward objects.

It even holds my phone for me so I can quickly answer calls or change music – without picking up my phone or getting distracted.

Now! If you’re considering CupStation for yourself, there are a few more things you should know:

No more food messes and spills. No more headaches. It’s amazing.

Bottom line: If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the lack of space in your car (or the seeming incompetence of your lame old “standard” cup holder), then you’re going to love CupStation. I fully recommend it!

Update: CupStation Limited Time Offer

Good news! The geniuses behind CupStation read our article, so they reached out to us… and now they’re offering our readers (that’s you!) a special offer for a limited time only!

If you visit the official CupStation site using the button below, you’ll automatically be eligible to get up to 2 FREE CupStations when you buy 3… or $10 OFF when you buy 1!

They’ve assured us that this is the lowest price you’ll be able to find for CupStation anywhere, so it’s worth checking out while the sale is still on. Click the link below to claim your discount!