Save Your Loved Ones From

'Skeeto' Monsters

  • Mosquitos kill up to one million people a year

  • Mosquitos carry dengue, zika, malaria, or chikungunya.

  • Flying bugs create rashes & persistent itchiness, ruining outdoor life.

Why Zaptek is the Ultimate Solution to a Bug Free Summer

  • Chemical-Free – This anti-bugs lamp DOESN'T use any toxic, smelly chemicalsthat could irritate your nasal passages, give your child a rash, orendanger your pet. If you can't stand those toxin-filled sprays,lotions, or mosquito coils. 

  • Long Battery Life – This incredibly energy-efficient lamp lasts for up to 20 hours on a single charge.
  • Works Instantly – Zaptek uses advanced proprietary techUV technology to attract 5x more bugs than any other device on the market. Its so effective, it can get rid of all the bugs within 600 square feet. That's 1/2 mile all around! That'll cover your porch, deck, bedroom, garden, backyard, & campsite.  

  • Zaps Bugs Quietly – Sick of those bug zappers that sound like a lightning clap every time a mosquito gets in?  Zaptek works quietly in the background, making it perfect for bedrooms, offices, and even babies' bedrooms.  

  • Easy Cleanup Just run cold water over Zaptek and its good to go.

  • Compact and Portable – Zaptek fits perfectly in any corner or surface of your room, and is the perfect item for any camping trip as you can use it as a powerful LED LANTERN. And since it's USB rechargeable, you don't need to rely on an outlet to use it!  

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Bug Free Picnics & BBQs

Simply the best mosquito zapper I’ve used, and I’ve used a TON of them. Zaptek will last for years.

Perfect for Hiking & Camping

'We keep it around the campfire and take it to the tent with us to sleep!'

Take it Anywhere You Go!

Use Zaptek in your home, yard or even on vacations, and family trips.

We Got Your Back!

Buy with complete confidence! If you change your mind or just don't want it, no hard feelings! 

Just let us know within 30 days and we'll take it back.

Easy to use, and clean, and kills mosquitoes fast! Best camping accessory you’ll find.

While I make repairs, hanging on my car hood, keeps mosquitos away AND provides light!

Mine hangs in the garden in the rain, and its still works great. In humid FL thats awesome.

My porch lights always attract the skeetos. But they aren't a problem any more!

Questions? Ask Away!

Q: How does it work?

 Zaptek uses effective UV light to attract mosquitoes, and then an electric coil to kill them!  

Q: Does Zaptek require a wall outlet to work or charge?

Zaptek is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a USB connection for charging.

Q: I'm not good with gadgets. How easy is it to use?

Super easy! Simply charge it with the USB cord, hang it anywhere with the hook, and you’re ready to zap mosquitoes!

Q: What are some tips to get the most out of my Zapper?

Tip #1. For best results, place Zaptek in the area you wish to use and leave it operating for at least two hours. This will rid the area of any mosquitoes beforehand.

Tip #2.Because the device relies on LEDs to lure mosquitoes, minimizing ambient light in the background will give better results. Having too many lights on will be distracting and you may not see the results youwant.